Storms and How They Can Impact Your Car

One absolute thing about the weather is that it is always unpredictable. Severe storms can wreak havoc on your house and your car. A car can easily be pounded with unsightly dents if a storm unleashes a barrage of hail. Storms can do a variety of damage to your vehicle when it’s left outside. No one wants a car that looks like a golf ball, but that’s exactly what one bad hail storm can do. It not only does damage to your car but to your bottom line as well. Even very light hail damage is devastating to your vehicle’s value. $5,000.00 to $8,000.00 is very typical, even when you can barely see it.

Hail and the damage it does to your vehicle

Hail can cause a great deal of damage, and can often start with little to no warning. Most of us have seen hail at some point in our lives. Hailstones vary in size, shape, and hardness. In general, the larger the hail size, the fewer the hailstones there are and the farther apart they fall. Most hailstones are relatively smooth and nearly spherical but sometimes they can be jagged or even elliptical in shape. Hardness is a key factor as well as shape. The harder hailstone is the greater its ability to damage your vehicle panels. The wind, as well as the duration of the storm, can also have an impact on your vehicle. Surfaces left uncovered or unsheltered from the elements during a hailstorm can get blasted in random patterns. Those surfaces facing the wind typically receive greater damage than the other sides. This is why one side of a vehicle may have extensive hail damage while the opposite side may have very minimal damage. By the end of the storm, your car can be left looking like a total wreck.

What about insurance?

Many assume that their insurance premiums will be affected if they file a claim but hail damage is a “no-fault” claim or an “Act of God”. It’s not your fault, and you cannot be singled out for a rate increase simply because you get the hail dents on your car repaired. Hail damage falls under your comprehensive coverage. The money is there in a pool, available to fully and properly repair your car- whether you choose to take advantage of it or not. Every moment that your vehicle goes “unrepaired”, you are driving around with “pre-existing damage.”

How will you best Repair the Damage?

The best way to repair your vehicle with a process known as Paintless Dent Repair (PDR).
This is an industry-recognized, universally considered a favored method of repair. PDR uses specialized tools to manually apply pressure to the underside of the panels thus restoring the finish to factory perfection, without disturbing the original factory paint. There’s no Bondo, (Bondo is a polyester putty product originally marketed as an automotive body filler) grinding, resins, fillers, primers, and painting involved. It is the only way to return your vehicle back to full book value.

The Best and most Trusted Repair Company

Dent Ambulance is a Paintless Dent Removal company located in Gastonia, NC. We service the entire Gaston County area. Our PDR technicians are highly trained and experienced and we guarantee our work. We offer PDR repairs and collision repair at your location or at our shop just off of Franklin Blvd. We can also work with your insurance company to repair hail damage, windshields, and more. Visit our website and use our Dent Repair Estimate and let’s get your vehicle on the road to recovery and bring your vehicle back to its full book value.