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Eyes on the Prize: A Guide to Inspecting Your Car for Dents

Your car, a faithful companion on the road, might endure a few bumps and bruises over time. From rogue shopping carts to unexpected encounters with nature’s elements, dents can be an inevitable part of your vehicle’s journey. Regular inspections are essential to catch these imperfections early, preventing potential issues and preserving your car’s aesthetics. Let’s […]

Storms and How They Can Impact Your Car

One absolute thing about the weather is that it is always unpredictable. Severe storms can wreak havoc on your house and your car. A car can easily be pounded with unsightly dents if a storm unleashes a barrage of hail. Storms can do a variety of damage to your vehicle when it’s left outside. No […]

What is PDR? (Paintless Dent Repair). A brief history about PDR

Paintless Dent Repair was started in 1931 by Frank T. Sargent. At the 1960 International Motor Sports Show in New York City, Oskar Flaig made the first display of PDR. At the time he worked for Mercedes-Benz as a painter. In the evenings after the cars were presented, his job was to fill in any […]